HOORAH! West End Workout will resume from 14th September 2020 with a mix of 'in-person' and online classes! 


We’ve combined our own class risk assessments and procedures with requirements set out by the schools, gyms, studios and community centres we hire to ensure a safe return to class. We are committed to providing a safe environment for you and will continue to keep an eye on government guidelines as they change and update.


Social distancing:

  • All classes will run at reduced capacity, adhering to government gym guidance that allows 100ft2 per person

  • Classes will comprise of the same group of people for the duration of each course to reduce mixing - PAYG and 'Send-A-Friend' will not apply this term

  • Spaces in class will be marked out at 2m+ distance

  • Choreography will be altered to limit travel around the space

  • All venues well ventilated where possible or increased social distancing (3m)

  • One-way systems set out by venue to be followed

  • Regular rest and water breaks during class to control class member’s heart rates and breathing

  • Teacher will instruct facing away from class members (into the mirror where possible)

  • Teacher will avoid speaking/shouting over music where possible or use a mic/headset

  • Face coverings to be worn in communal areas upon arrival and departure


Please note: Face coverings are not mandatory but may be worn at class member’s own discretion. West End Workout teachers will not wear a face covering during class, unless close contact is required in the case of a medical emergency.

Cleaning & Hygiene:

  • Deep cleaning arrangement with venues; class teacher subject to cleaning regular touch points

  • Hand sanitiser provided 

  • No equipment used by class members

  • Equipment used by teacher thoroughly cleaned between uses

  • No use of changing room facilities – class members to arrive ‘class ready’



  • Teachers will only teach if they are symptom free

  • We will inform ‘in-person’ class members if someone from their class has tested positive for Covid-19. 

  • Teachers and all ‘in-person’ class members will be required to sign a declaration stating their agreement to:

  • Inform us urgently if they have tested positive for Covid-19

  • Not attend class if they have had symptoms in the past 7 days​

Non-judgement & Respect:

We are aware of the different opinions on all things related to this pandemic. Independently of our opinion on the matter, there is a law we have to follow in order to make the classes possible and keep the venues open. Therefore, we ask all class members to be respectful in following the guidelines even if you don’t agree with them.


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